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AcouSYS V4: Optimizing acoustic performance of a multilayer system

Code stage : eACO6EN
Durée : 2h30

Tarif formation INTER : 190 € excluding VAT

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AcouSYS is a prediction software for multilayer system’s acoustic performance applied to buildings and transportation. Intended for professionals specialized in both fields, this software is reputed for its simulations’ reliability. It allows you to calculate acoustic performances of your construction projects’ components in a multilayer approach (material/system/structure).


  • Quickly run reliable calculations of multilayer systems’ acoustic performance
  • Understand transfer matrix method
  • Getting started with AcouSYS software
  • Determine limits and fields of validity of the obtained calculation results
  • Be aware of the importance of the input data’s quality and how to obtain them

This training is available on the CSTB Formations’ e-learning platform


Module 1: Theory

  • Acoustic calculations using the transfer matrix method
  • Input data: physical properties of materials
  • Considering finite dimensions: the FTMM approach
  • Considering vibration transmissions across frame elements: the hybrid SEA/TMM approach
  • Homogenizing complex systems


Module 2: Using AcouSYS and case studies

  • Interface overview
  • Case studies:
  • Sound reduction index R (and improvement ΔR)
    • Case 1 – Sandwich panel
    • Case 2 – Lining bonded by dabs on concrete supporting wall
    • Case 3 – Frame partition with metal frame


  • Sound absorption coefficient α
    • Case 4 – Insulating material
    • Case 5 – Perforated suspended ceiling panels


  • Normalized impact sound pressure level Ln (and reduction ΔL)
  • Case 6 – Tiled floor with acoustic underlayer     


  • Rainfall sound intensity level Li
  • Case 7 – Roofing panel         


  • Material homogenization
    • Case 8 – Stacked plates (partition)
    • Case 9 – Profiled material (stiffened plate)
    • Case 10 – Alveolar material (hollow brick)


4Assessment quizz

  • Mr Thibault BLINET, Ingénieur chargée d'essais,CSTB
  • Mr Thibault BLINET, Ingénieur chargée d'essais,CSTB
    Dates en cours de programmation


Be familiar with the acoustic fundamentals, more specifically in the “systems” scale


  • Theoretical and methodological sequences
  • 10 real software case studies


Quizz at the end of the training



    Mme LONGEAUD Estelle